CSF completed multiple projects for Hayesbrook during the summer break. These incuded: Bike Shelter, Court Yard, 868 Perimeter Fencing, Science Classroom full refurbishment. All projects were completed to the academy’s specifications and on time ready for the new school year.

Bike Shelter

• Constructed a concrete base with GEN 3 mix & A3 road mesh ready to accept new Bike shelter, finished off with visible yellow line marking.

Bike Shelter Completion

DT Court Yard
• Remove plant foliage & scaffold tubes to DT court yard & dispose of.
• Remove 7no round concrete pillars to DT court yard & dispose of.
• Remove one raised bed of timber sleepers filled with soil to DT court yard & dispose of.
• Remove single tub scaffold to DT court yard area & dispose of.
• Remove 1no large tree.
• Overlay entire area with black tarmac surface finish.

Perimeter 868 fencing
• Remove existing temporary Herras Fencing & dispose of.
• Supply & install new 868 mesh fencing to perimeter with horizontal wires & vertical.
• RHS posts set in suitable concrete foundations & secured with a full length clamp bar secured by M8 bolts with snap off nuts.
• All fencing finished off in a PPC green RAL 6005.
• Newly installed 868 mesh glad single & double automated gates designed to hinge open 90º on frog operators which will motorise the opening & closing of the gate.
• Gates will be installed with video intercom system comprising of a Paxton 337-515 VR Panel complete with rain hood including 1no call button, 1no proximity reader & keypad.

Science classroom
• Refurbish existing classroom with new Polysafe flooring, new Trespa benching, new LED lighting with emergency fitting & fully decorated.
• Rub down, sand & apply Granguard solvent based Polyurethane coating to science worktop benching that is durable for chemical spills etc.
• Remove existing ceiling tiles & install new 600×600 lay in ceiling tiles into existing ceiling grid.
• Remove existing gas pod stations & install new gas pod units into new locations with each pod to have new gas taps & double socket outlets (units to have Trespa tops).

Hayesbrook Academy 2019 Works.