To supply and install new veneer fire doors and integrate with current security measures.

  • Supply & install a single veneer door & half leaf set between wall left of reception entrance complete with polished white ash frame & glazed borrowed light above frame to be installed from floor to ceiling
  • Supply & install all new ironmongery onto new certified doors.
  • Supply, install & commission 1 Paxton Switch2 single door controller complete with a 1A PSU.
  • Provision of 230V fused connection unit wired and connected to local circuit.
  • Provision of link to fire alarm interface to release BOTH doors in the event of a local fire alarm activation
  • Supply and install 1 proximity reader (black or white cover) to the secure side of the door.
  • Supply and install 1 Paxton Request to Exit button (black or white cover) to unsecure side of door.
  • Supply and install 1 Emergency Door Release call point to unsecure side of door.
  • Supply and install 1 surface mounted electromagnetic lock to the head of the door complete with armature housings.
  • Only ONE door to be released on presenting access card but BOTH doors to release on activation of the local fire alarm.
  • Provision of 2 remote release buttons & 2 override switches at reception to enable remote control of doors.
  • Remove existing doors & frame & dispose of.
Harris Kenley – new veneer reception doors