The Academy Hotel

Lead time – 10 months

Works undertaken:-
To transform five terraced houses built in 1776 into a four star 49 bedroom luxury hotel with library,reception,lounge,bar,two courtyards and a breakfast/buffet/ dining area and kitchen in basement.

This was achieved by way of


  • Walls were stripped back to original beams and floors/ceilings back to original joists
  • Floors were reinstated with 18mm marine ply board
  • Walls were reconfigured by way of a new timber stud framework and moisture resistant plasterboard
  • Ceilings were reinstated with two layers of plasterboard to obtain 30 minute fire retention
  • Construction of shower bases and cubicles
  • Ensuites were finished with Italian marble tiles to walls and floors and a constrasting paint finish to ceilings and untiled sections of walls

Guest Rooms

  • Floors were removed and reinstated after wiring and pipe works were completed
  • All original wallpaper and chair rails were removed
  • All original coving/cornice repaired or replaced
  • Old built in wardrobes were demolished and replaced with new bespoke ones constructed on site
  • Complete redecoration of ceilings and woodwork. Walls were papered using a panel effect hemp lined finish, with the feature bed wall being papered in a contrasting pattern
  • All guest rooms and ensuites had fire rated ablative bats installed between beams and intumescent pads fitted in power sockets on all party walls for fire rated compartmentation

Stairs/Corridors/Communal Areas

  • All original wallpaper removed
  • Walls decorated in a split coloured diamond eggshell finish and the woodwork in a satinwood finish



  • All original wallpaper and chair rails were removed and a bespoke book cabinet was constructed on site along splay wall
  • Redecoration of ceilings and woodwork were completed & the walls were papered

Breakfast, Buffet, Dining Area

  • These areas were completely stripped out and rebuilt by way of opening up of wall and installing a new double action fire rated entry/exit door into kitchen
  • Fitting MDF panelling to walls
  • Install a new fire in breakfast area
  • Installation of ornate plasterwork to ceiling in buffet area
  • Installation of a bi-fold doors between buffet and dining areas, application of ornate beading to doors
  • Construction of a two door fire rated cabinet around electrical fuse boxes


  • Installation of a new suspended ceiling and access ramp and redecoration


This area was completely stripped out and rebuilt this process involved:-

  • Removing of old concrete floor and re-screeding
  • Replacing of old conservatory glass roof
  • The laying of mosaic floor tiles
  • Decorating the walls in MDF panelling to lower section with a diamond eggshell paint finish and papering top section
  • Bar installed and complemented with a black metro tile finish to inlay between drinks cabinets


  • All original wallpaper removed
  • Construction and installation of panel sections to lower level of walls
  • Construction of a new bulkhead for air conditioning unit
  • Installation of mirror panels behind reception desk
  • Complete decoration to panels and woodwork


  • Construction of a new building to house new boilers
  • Removal of an old fish pond and levelling of ground
  • Laying of new paving stones to match original

All the above works completed in allotted timescale by a team of dedicated and unfaltering CSF tradesmen

Academy Hotel